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Yarro Studios #YS-MAPBOOK Immersive Battle Maps Volume #1 (32 Maps)
Modular Book of RPG Battle Mats - Single Page is A3 Size
Use with Immersive Battle Mat Sticker Set (2D Terrain & Scenery)

As a Dungeon Master you never know where your party is going to get into trouble next. Gone are the days of drawing and redrawing the most basic of maps and landscapes. Roll Initiative!

Each battle map book comes with 32 full colour maps of common and interesting locations, with a pre-printed 1 inch grid. The entire book is dry and wet erasable, and the magic lay flat binding means, no coils, only flat.

1 x Fully Modular Book, measuring approx. 11" x 17" (A3 Size)

  • Creates an A2-sized Play Space (double page spread)
  • 1" grid overlay
  • Lay-flat binding (as seen above)
  • Fully laminated & wipe-clean, appropriate for wet or dry wipe markers, and chalk pens
  • Portable maps that you can carry with your RPG books

Contains 32 Maps including:

  1. Seige on the Castle Wall
  2. Winderwall Boat Docks
  3. The Hedge Maze
  4. The Greasy Minx Pub
  5. Ol'Brooke Farm
  6. Town Square
  7. Dwarven Forge
  8. Magistrates Mansion
  9. Training Barracks
  10. Undisclosed Rooftop Location
  11. Blood & Sand Arena
  12. Beach Head
  13. Boat at Sea
  14. Graveyard of the Condemned
  15. The Boar Booger Inn
  16. Alchemist Library
  17. Temple of Moradin
  18. Farmer's Market
  19. Armour & Weapon Shops
  20. Abandoned House
    ... and more!

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