D&D IOTR: Monster Pack - Cave Defenders 6pk (Kobolds, Ogre & Bugbears) || Pre-Painted Plastic

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Wizkids #96015 D&D IOTR: Monster Pack - Cave Defenders 6pk (Pre-Painted)
Click each name for stats: Kobolds, Ogre & Bugbears
Release Date: January 2020
Click here for the complete list of the miniatures in this set!

The Cave Defenders monster pack contains six iconic monsters for your adventurers to battle, including an Ogre, Kobolds, and Bugbears! Dungeon Masters can quickly build new encounters for their players with the awesome mix of monsters, to keep play session exciting over multiple campaigns. With its non-blind packaging, building a quick monster army is quick and simple!

Set of 6 pre-painted miniatures, featuring the following iconic monsters:
- 3 x Kobolds
- 1 x Ogre
- 2 x Bugbears

These are the pre-painted versions of the following Nolzurs Marvellous miniatures:
Kobolds (Pack of 3)

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