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PREORDER: D&D Spell Effects: Halaster's Tumultuous Templates 10pk


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Wizkids #96013 D&D Spell Effects: Halaster's Tumultuous Templates 10pk
Click here to see the individual D&D miniatures
Releases Feb 2020

This new collection of pre-painted fantasy spell templates is sure to bring life to the tabletop or make a great collectible for your collection. Add some the most famous spell effects to your tabletop gaming world with the D&D Icons of the Realms Spell Effects: Halaster’s Tumultuous Templates, which will include pre-painted magic templates of the spells listed below.

Pre-painted miniature representations as follows:
1 x Fireball & Delayed Blast Fireball
1 x Spirit Guardian (Angelic)
1 x Spirit Guardian (Fey)
1 x Spirit Guardian (Fiend)
1 x Burning Hands
1 x Faerie Fire
1 x Web
1 x Moonbeam
1 x Hypnotic Pattern
1 x Fear

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