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Wizkids #74203 Medieval Farmer Set (Pack of 15)
Pre-Painted Terrain & Miniatures
Release Date: Feb 2020

The Medieval Farmer set will provide you with the pre-painted pieces for a scene of a farmer working his fields and farm. You may meet the farmer in his shed, milking cows. Or perhaps he’ll need someone to help escort him and his cart full of goods into town for the market. GMs and Players are provided with the tools to create a memorable game experience.

The Medieval Farmer 4D™ setting includes:
2 x Oxen
2 x Cows
2 x Haystacks
1 x Farmer
1 x Manger (Feeding Trough)
1 x Animal Shed
1 x Plow
1 x Two-Wheeled Cart
3 x Wattle Fences
1 x Wattle Fence Gate

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