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Goblin Village 27pk - Pathfinder Battles Legendary Adventures: Case Incentive



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Wizkids #73936 Goblin Village 27pk (Click here to view the individual pieces)
Premium, Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures

Note: Item packaging may have shelf wear, but the miniatures themselves are securely packed.

The perfect setting for your next Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this Premium Set contains everything that you need to bring the home of Pathfinder’s most iconic little maniacs to life! Junk Statues! Pickle Barrels! A Magic Pig!

With Palisade Walls that create an 8x8 play space, the Pathfinder Battles Goblin Village Premium Set is one of the best ways to add to your Pathfinder play experience, or to just enhance a scene for your players. With over 20 pieces to decorate the camp, customizing it for the perfect encounter couldn’t be easier!


1 x Large Tent
2 x Small Tent
3 x Barricade
1 x Child Cage
2 x Bonfire
1 x Junk Statue
2 x Junk Pile
2 x Pickle Barrel
1 x Throne
1 x Chief Goblin
1 x Goblin Babies
1 x Palisade Gate
3 x Palisade Walls
1 x Pigpen Gate
4 x Pigpen Fences
1 x Magic Pig

Legendary Adventures (2019)
Legendary Adventures includes classic monsters and heroes from new concept art for the Pathfinder RPG!

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Customer Reviews

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Because we all need a goblin village.

Firstly, this is bigger than you think it will be! The box is huge, the village is great and the goblins are wacky as you would expect from the pathfinder version. Your players will love playing through this set.