D&D IOTR: Classic Creatures Box Set 9pk

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Wizkids #72980 D&D IOTR: Classic Creatures Box Set (Pack of 9)
Released in December 2017
Images belong to Wizards of the Coast

Add the approximately 4″ tall, two-headed classic Demogorgon to your Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game and hypnotize adventurers like never before. Or surprise your party with a gigantic purple worm, hungry and ready to make any creature its next meal.

The D&D Icons of the Realms: Classic Creatures Box Set commemorates the original fantasy roleplaying game that kicked off the entire industry.


  1. Ogre Magi 
  2. Demogorgon
  3. Orc 
  4. Troll
  5. Purple Worm
  6. Orc Archer
  7. Sahuagin Mystic
  8. Owlbear
  9. Sahuagin
Note: This does not contain the promo 2-inch version of Demogorgon (sku 73253).


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