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Wizkids #71590 Sun Elf Wizard 1pk
Pre-Painted Plastic Miniature

Nymmestra was once a misbehaving wizard, but she has since reformed her ways. Now she wields great power and the will to use it responsibly. She is a strong-willed ally and one who has learned the importance of loyalty and friendship.

When Auvandell, a village close to her home in the city of SIlvery-moon, is suddenly invaded, Nymmestra flies to its aid, as does Galadaeros, the Copper Dragon leading the good dragons’ quest for the Primordial Graveyard. Will Nymmestra’s power be enough to help Galadaeros preserve the ancient keep at Auvandell from a full scale invasion?

This pack includes one pre-painted Sun Elf Miniature miniature and numerous upgrade cards, tokens and a square base.

    This miniature can be used in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other tabletop games.
    Product packaging me have some shelf wear.

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