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RedgrassGames #WPSP16 XL Hydration Paper (50 Sheets) - Studio Size

Release Date: April 2020

For use with the Everlasting Wet Palette - Studio Sizemeasuring 20cm x 30 cm (7.9″ x 11.8″). This palette is available as a Complete Set.

We've created the perfect membrane to moisturise your paint. It won’t create bleeding or overflowing, will stabilise the paint. Easy to use, as it is cut to the  dimension and will stick to the hydration foam once in place. It will not curl after the easy setup. Selected to offer the best performance with hobby paints and level of dilution used in hobby painting.

50 x Sheets of XL Hydration Paper
Cut to fit a palette measuring: 20cm x 30 cm (7.9″ x 11.8″)

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