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RedgrassGames #WPS20 Everlasting Wet Palette XL - Complete Set

Extra large wet palette for Pros and Enthusiasts. Huge painting area will allow you to paint an entire army in one go, or several projects side by side. Perfect for medium to large-sized paint stations. The XL palette can also be extended using the top lid as a side palette.

The Complete Set includes: XL Wet Palette, XL Hydration Foam Pads, XL Hydration Paper, the Wavy  & a Strap Band to keep it enclosed and easy to carry.

Note that this set does contain the Wavy - an attachment with a brush holder + 5 ink wells.

1 x Everlasting Wet Palette XL - Studio Size 20cm x 30 cm (7.9″ x 11.8″)
2 x XL Hydration Foam Pads
50 x Sheets of XL Hydration Paper
1 x Wavy Well Palette (brush holder + 5 ink wells
1 x Strap Band

How To Set Up:

Everlasting Wet Palette XL:
Made from strong ABS, was designed with the miniature painter in mind. Low profile, with a TPE joint, it will be the perfect tool for painting miniatures. As a nice addition, the lid can be used as a side tray.

Unique XL Hydration Paper:
We've created the perfect membrane to moisturise your paint. It won’t create bleeding or overflowing, will stabilise the paint. Easy to use, as it is cut to dimension and will stick to the foam once in place. Click here for extra XL Hydration Paper.

XL Hydration Foam Pads:
Smooth surface, neutral colour and can store a lot of water for its weight. Naturally mould resistant, so no unpleasant smells, even if palette is left closed for a few days. Foam is durable & won’t deteriorate over time. Click here for extra XL Hydration Foam Pads

Wavy Well Palette:
The Wavy is included in this set as an add-on. It provides a brush holder, along with 5 wells for inks and highly diluted paints. Magnetic attachment will allow you to easily attach the Wavy to the Everlasting Wet Palette to either side of the palette. Easy to clean. Lefty and righty friendly.

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