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RedgrassGames #360-MAG-BL Redgrass 360° Miniature Painting Handle
Version 2 - Magnet Edition

Redgrass has added the following features make it the most user-friendly holder for miniature painting.
1. Swappable cap:
You can now paint multiple miniatures with just one holder, using separate caps.
Perfect for batch painting.
Paint without your handle when you need/want to by holding the cap itself.
Customize the individual caps with your homemade pins.
(Additional caps available separately)
2. Magnetic dock:
The RGG 360° is the first painting handle with a magnetic dock for improved stability.
Secure your work-in-progress miniature thanks to the magnet inside the holder.

The Best Ergonomic Handle for Miniature Painting
Ergonomic handle to stay focused and to hold your miniature naturally without causing hand fatigue.
360° rotation to offer more control and help you achieve a better painting on every angle, effortlessly.
Stick them all! Round, square, small, large, exotic bases.10mm to 50mm bases.

Designed to fit naturally:
Natural ergonomic handle
Gentle curve to support fingers
Rest your wrist comfortably
Don’t stress your hand
Righty and lefty friendly

Exhilarating 360° rotation:
Smooth 360° rotation
Paint from every angle
Perfect control
No more involuntary movements

One size sticks all:
Safe and easy mounting putty
10 to 50 mm bases
Round, square, oval bases and more
Mount all your plastic, resin models with ease

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