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Quickshade Ink Set 11-pack || Army Painter: Warpaints (Acrylic Paint Range)


Army Painter

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Army Painter #WP8023 Quickshade Ink Set

This set contains eleven Quickshade Washes. These Washes are probably the best in the hobby and will get you perfect shading every time plus the option of adding a colour tone to your miniatures. All Quickshade Washes (Bottles) are a 100% colour match to the corresponding Quickshade Varnish (Pots).
- Quick & easy to use
- Works on all acrylic surfaces
- Non-toxic & absolutely top quality
- Adds both shading and colour tone

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11 x Quickshade Washes, listed below:
WP1135 Strong Tone
WP1136 Dark Tone
WP1134 Soft Tone
WP1143 Flesh Wash: perfect tone for shading lighter flesh tones
WP1470 Light Tone
WP1469 Mild Brown
WP1137 Green Tone: putrid look by using on top of greens, Necrotic Flesh or Barbarian Flesh; nurgle look by using on top of a metal primer
WP1471 Military Shader
WP1140 Purple Tone: Slaaneshi look by using on metal primer
WP1139 Blue Tone: cold-from-the-grave look when used with Barbarian Flesh & Necrotic Flesh
WP1138 Red Tone: evil Khorne look by using on top of a metal primer

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