White Dracolich - D&D IOTR Rage of Demons Case Incentive

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Premium, Pre-Painted Plastic Miniature
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Creatures of much longevity and innate magical power, dragons may not by many be considered typical candidates for Lichdom,
but those who are wise know better. There are no better candidates,
what with the time and magical energy required to transfer ones soul into a phylactery, coupled with the traits of many dragons being...
well suited to the kind of narcissism that would seek immortality over and against the corruption of their own souls.
Worse still is that such abominations are reportedly created not by lone dragons,
but by entire dragon cults raised up for the very purpose of working towards such foul goals.

Oliver Candlewick, High Chaplain of Lathander

This fantastic D&D Miniatures pre-painted promotional figure stands several inches tall and towers over all miniatures in D&D Icons of the Realms. This is the perfect adversary for your next adventure and a beautiful display piece as well!

1 x White Dracolich Premium Figure

Rage of Demons (2015)
Collect all 49 D&D Minis from Rage of Demons boosters, the third set of randomly sorted monsters and heroes in our Icons of the Realms line of D&D miniatures.

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