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Army Painter: Hobby Brush Starter Set 3pk || Army Painter: Starter Sets


Army Painter

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Army Painter #TL5044 Hobby Brush Starter Set 3-pack 

The Hobby Brush Starter set includes 3 brushes for any paint task. Each brush has triangular precision grip to ensure perfect control. The brushes have the best quality synthetic hair possible for the perfect paint job!

1 x Standard (Basecoating) Brush
Designed specifically for basecoating miniatures. The Standard Brush is the perfect size for achieving smooth, even coverage.

1 x Drybrush
Drybrush to quickly and easily create great effects on your miniatures.

1 x Small Detail Brush
Designed with an ultra-fine point, perfect for adding details to your miniature such as eyes, tattoos, belt buckles and much more!

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