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Army Painter #TL5043 Wargamer Most Wanted Brush Set 3-pack

The very best brushes in the business - all in one set! They are of hand-made quality with Rotmarder sable hair. Each with triangular precision grip to ensure perfect control.


1 x Insane Detail Brush
Made using Rotmarder sable, this extremely fine and pointed brush is perfect for painting ultra precise highlights, facial tattoos or just insane details.

1 x Regiment (Speed-Painting) Brush
The most versatile brush in our line-up, the Regiment brush is ideal for speed painting large batches of troops really fast! Its Rotmarder sable hair holds a fine tip for more detailed work.

1 x Small Drybrush
This innovative drybrush is set at a 43º angle - the perfect angle for dry brushing small areas of the models like chain-mail, facial hair or a weapon!

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