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Army Painter #TL5049 Self-Healing Cutting Mat 1pk

The Self-Healing Cutting Mat protects the surface of your work area by acting as a safe surface for cutting, drilling, gluing, etc. while exercising your miniature and modelling hobby. The special non-slip self mending surface protects your knife and scalpel blades against dulling.

- Tough flexible PVC surface: minimize dulling of your blades
- Super tough core layer resists cuts, protecting your work surface
- 5 x 5mm squares for quick convenient measurements
- Both surfaces of the mat can be used
- Self-repairing mat is excellent for other hobby and craft uses as well

1 x Highly Durable PVC Cutting Mat
Scale Lines: measured in millimetres
Dimensions: 220mm x 300mm (8.7" x 11.8"); 3mm thick (1/8")

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