The 5E Player Screen || Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition

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Streamlined gaming for newbies & Neurodiverse players alike!
Stress less and game more!

The 5E Player Screen - created by Shaun Sunday
For use with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Black & White Sample Available Here
Release Date: February 24th, 2020

Successfully funded on Indiegogo!

What exactly is this?
A sturdy 3-panel screen with the most important and universally relevant information regardless of Race or Class.
A quick look and you'll be reminded of what you can do on your turn, which dice is which, how to roll for death saves, and more!
This screen is also low profile (3 x A5 size panels), allowing you to roll dice over/beside the screen. Also, you won't be hidden from your DM and fellow players! (Check out all the photos to see it in use at a gaming table)

What is it made of?
Chipboard with UV printed and a laminated coating.
The 5E Player Screen is of similar quality & feel to the standard D&D DM Screens (click here to view).

Who do we thank for this resource?
Shaun Sunday, a local Aussie artist and a Neurodiverse DM / Player created this 5E Player Screen. Check out his Patreon for D&D Adventures & Artwork!

1 x D&D 5E Player Screen, with 3 A5-sized panels
Dimensions: 148mm x 630mm

  1. Left Hand Panel: What can you do on your turn?
    Reminder that you can try ANYTHING!
  2. Center Panel: Experience points (XP) & leveling.
    Death Saves. Darkvision. Currency Conversion. Exhaustion.
  3. Right Hand Panel: List of conditions & how they may apply to you:
    Poisoned, Petrified, Invisble, etc.

The front of the screen: Ferocious Mimic art, created by Shaun Sunday.

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