TerrainCrate Livery Stable 10pk || Terrain & Scenery for 28mm Tabletop Gaming

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Mantic Games #MGTC132-10 TerrainCrate Livery Stable (Pack of 10)
Unpainted, Brown Plastic

Rest your tired steeds at the livery stable! This set includes everything you would need to feed and hitch up a horse, including a trough and water pump, hay bales, hitching posts, and more!


This set contains 10 pre-coloured pieces of plastic terrain, including:
2 Bales of Hay
2 Hitching Posts
1 Feeding/Water Trough
1 Water Pump
1 Wheel
1 Small Pile of Horse Manure
(Mask your scent while hunting!)
1 Wheelbarrow
1 Spade

Supplied assembled and unpainted.

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