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TerrainCrate Kings Coffers 6pk || Terrain & Scenery for 28mm Tabletop Gaming


Mantic Games

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Mantic Games #MGTC112 TerrainCrate King's Coffers (Pack of 6)
Pre-coloured Plastic - Note: Unpainted

Befitting a miserly noble, this set contains various treasures of great worth, including a pile of armour, a crown, a bag of gold coins, a decorative plinth and a stack of chests.


- 1 Gold Plinth
- 1 Gold Pile of Chests
- 1 Gold Coin Pouch
- 1 Gold Pile of Armour and Weapons
- 1 Gold Crown
- 1 Gold Sword in the Stone
Supplied assembled and unpainted.
Miniatures are shown for scale purposes only and are not included.

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