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Plastic Wargaming Assembly Set 3-pack (for plastic minis!) || Army Painter: Starter Sets


Army Painter

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Army Painter #ST5110 Plastic Wargaming Assembly Set 3pc
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As far as product value goes, this set is an absolute high-score. Contains a special Plastic Frame cutter with extra fine point for precision work, a scalpel knife for removing flash and cutting plus a 20ml of The Army Painters amazing model Plastic Glue. Everything you need to get you started on assembling those plastic regiments. Also included is a FREE tool guide.

FREE Army Painter Assembly & Tool Guide
1 x Precision Hobby Knife (Scalpel Knife): remove mould lines from plastic minis; cut out small plastic parts
1 x Plastic Frame Cutters (Precision Side Cutter): remove plastic minis & their parts from a plastic sprue (do not use for metal minis)
1 x 24ml Plastic Glue: dries clear; welds plastic components together

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