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Wargamer Most Wanted Brush Set 3pk || Army Painter: Starter Sets


Army Painter

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Army Painter #ST5108 Wargamer Most Wanted Brush Set 3-pack

The most popular brushes in a pack of its own! These brushes are the best value Wargaming brushes in the industry and is used by both beginners and old veterans alike.

1 x Wargamer Insane Detail Brush: extremely fine & pointed; for ultra-small highlights, facial tattoos or just insane details (e.g. colouring the iris of an eye!)
1 x Wargamer Regiment Brush: speed painting big swathes of troops; sharp tip makes basecoating easy & fast
1 x Wargamer Small Drybrush: angled brush perfect for drybrushing small areas (think chainmail or weapons)

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