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Q WORKSHOP #SMOM99 Moomin Dice  - 9-Die Set (Includes 3 D6)
9-die RPG Set

These dice are the real sign of love for Moomins, our dear, well-loved friends from Moominvalley. This set is our tribute to the magical world, the limitless imagination of Tove Jansson. Nostalgia friendship, family, and all that is important in real life. We’ve learned this and more from Moomintrolls. Roll, dream, and don’t fear the Groke!

9 x Polymer RPG Dice, consisting of:
D4, 3 x D6, D8, D10, D00, D12, D20.
Dice colour(s): As below
Numbers' Ink colour(s):  As below

D4: Red; Black Ink - Little My on centre of each face
D6: White; Yellow Ink - Moomintroll on higest face
D6: White; Black Ink - Snorkmaiden on higest face
D6: Green; White Ink - Snufkin on higest face
D8: Brown; Black Ink - Sniff on centre of each face
D10: White; Black Ink - Mumminmamma on higest face
D00: White; Red Ink - Mumminpapa on centre of each face
D12: Purple; White Ink - Hemmulan on higest face
D20: Blue; White Ink - Groke on higest face

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