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Steamforged Games #SFCR-002 Mighty Nein 8pk (Plastic Miniatures)
Critical Role - Official Licensed Miniatures

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Fjord, Beau, Caleb, Nott, Jester, Mollymauk, Yasha, and their ally Shakäste... names that breed fear into the hearts of Wildemount’s foulest foes. On a mission for fortune and glory, these fledgling adventurers may one day be the saviors of the Dwendalian Empire - if they can outrun the shadows of their storied pasts.

Bring the heroes of Critical Role's Mighty Nein campaign to life for use in your own roleplaying adventures!

This box contains 8 highly-detailed, pre-assembled miniatures, including:

  • Yasha, the Aasimar Barbarian
  • Beauregard, the Human Monk
  • Mollymauk Tealeaf, the Tiefling Blood Hunter
  • Fjord, the Half-Orc Warlock
  • Nott the Brave, the Goblin Rogue
  • Jester, the Tiefling Cleric
  • Caleb Widogast, the Human Wizard
  • Shakäste, the Human Cleric

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