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Cats & Catacombs Box #2 6pk - Ships April 8th || Animal Adventures


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Steamforged Games #SFAACC-002 Cats & Catacombs Box #2 (Pack of 6)
Release Date: April 2020
D&D Rules Companion: Cats & Catacombs

Sonya, the self-assured Main Coone fighter brings a band of scoundrels on a search for treasure and glory!

Animal Adventures brings intelligent animal characters to your favourite fantasy roleplaying game! Cats and Catacombs are sets of highly detailed miniatures combining some favourite cat breeds with the different classes of the fifth edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game! This set also features a bespoke set of fifth edition compatible rules for using your Animal Adventure miniatures and playing as cats in ANY campaign setting.

You will be able to mix feline characters with your regular adventuring party or create an entire kitty team of heroes to save the world! The miniatures also make perfect companions and familiars for your existing characters in any fantasy setting or game!

Set of 6 preassembled ready-to-play or paint PVC miniatures:
1. Sonya, the Maine Coone Fighter
2. Han, the Dragon Li Monk
3. Indy, the Ragdoll Bard
4. Solan, the Persian Warlock
5. Verdandi, the Norwegian Forest Druid
6. Barnabas, the Korat Paladin

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