Aeris, Female Elf Ranger 1pk || Unpainted Plastic Miniature

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Reaper Bones #77405 Aeris, Female Elf Ranger 1pk
Sculpted by Julie Guthrie

After a quick-witted tumble away from a wide arc of scorchingly frigid air, Aeris regains her feet, 
draws back her longbow, and deftly notches an arrow. She trains her aim on the defiant monstrosity before her.
For a moment, fear courses through her mind as she beholds cold death incarnate, but only for a moment.
Her ranger experience and training quickly takes over, and muscle memory combined with elven accuracy sends one arrow after another in rapid succession, seeking gaps in the thick scaly hide.

1 x 25/28mm Heroic scale miniature

Miniature may need to be assembled, may require some minor straightening, and are unpainted. Pictures of the painted miniatures are for inspiration and are only examples.

For beginners through to experienced modellers, painters, and hobbyists.
If you have any questions regarding the Bones miniatures, click here for FAQ & Preparation of Bones.

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