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D&D Proxy: Adult Red Dragon (Click for Adult Red Dragon stats).

Reaper Bones #77109 Fire Dragon
Sculpted by Sandra Garrity
Painted miniature painted by Pingo
Released on 26/08/2013

Moss, the pint-sized mage, crept forward, trembling at what he had discovered deep within the Sunless Citadel - that this was once the lair of the red dragon, Ashardalon himself. Moreover, the blessings of the Ashardalon were within his grasp, a blessing lying dormant within this long-forgotten chamber. He was the closest of the party, the one who could seize such a boon for himself. Imagine what amazing powers it could instill in him! Maybe he might even breathe fire?!
Moss quickly stood on the pedestal, activating the blessing. In moments the pedestal flared with long-dormant arcane power, and Moss was in-turn engulfed with those energies, for a moment effulgent in crimson light. Turning back to the party in shock as his faculties were flooded with new thoughts, attitudes, even memories. As the process seemed to wane, his normal smile turned into a sneer, and his cheery happy-go-lucky demeanor began to radiate raw malice. What was a blessing of the red dragon, Ashardalon, was a fiery curse to any right-minded common race.
Pompie, Archmage of the Blue Moon, (Book 1 of the Saga of Wallace)

1 x 25/28mm Heroic scale miniature

Miniature may need to be assembled, may require some minor straightening, and are unpainted. Pictures of the painted miniatures are for inspiration and are only examples.

For beginners through to experienced modellers, painters, and hobbyists.
If you have any questions regarding the Bones miniatures, click here for FAQ & Preparation of Bones.

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