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Gulper (~12cm long) 1pk || Bones Black


Reaper Miniatures

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D&D Proxy: Giant Electric Catfish from Tome of Horrors Complete

New, improved polymer plastic. Detailed models with reduced mold lines.

Reaper Bones Black #44038 Gulper (~12cm long) 1pk 
Sculpted by Jason Wiebe

1 x 25/28mm Heroic scale miniature

Approximate Dimensions
Length: 12cm
Width: 6.5cm
Height: 4.3cm

Miniature may need to be assembled, may require some minor straightening, and are unpainted. Pictures of the painted miniatures are for inspiration and are only examples.

High Detail: Reaper Bones Black holds more detail and is equal to resin or metal

Rigid Material: Weapons and thin parts are much more rigid and hold their shape, but still flexible enough to withstand constant handling

Improved Pigmentation: Reaper Bones Black models are tinted dark grey for ease of painting and viewing

Reduced Seam and Shift Lines: These minis are produced with high-grade steel moulds. Reaper Bones Black models are cleaner, crisper, and require less cleaning.

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