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D&D Proxy: Young White Dragon (Click here for its stats)

Reaper Bones #03338 Young Ice Dragon
Sculpted by Sandra Garrity
Painted miniature - painter unknown
Released on 20/10/2008

1 x 25/28mm Heroic scale METAL miniature with an integral base

Miniature may need to be assembled, may require some minor straightening, and are unpainted. Pictures of the painted miniatures are for inspiration and are only examples.

Dark Heaven Legends is the premier 25mm Heroic Scale fantasy line for miniature painters, roleplayers and wargamers. Over the last thirteen years, the Dark Heaven line has produced over 1,300 fantasy miniatures designed and crafted by the top miniatures sculptors in the world.

Whether you're a Game Master who needs monsters to stock your dungeon, a player who is looking for just the right miniature to represent your character, a wargamer looking to beef up your army, or a hobbyist who is looking for the best in creative and detailed miniatures, Dark Heaven Legends is for you!

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