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Royal Plume (Plum) - Hexagonal Dice Tray 1pc || Dice Hub: Click clacks & more!


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Royal Plume (Plum) - Hexagonal Dice Tray 1pc
Double-Sided (PU Leather / Velvet) Hexagonal Dice Tray

"A shadow of a man appeared on the ground alongside the half-orc. She looked up at the ridges to discern who the stranger was. There was no man. In his place stood a beast in unnerving silence. A stag's head complete with antlers; an eagle's body with talons resembling daggers more than an animal's claws. Liliana lowered herself into a position of submission. This was the peryton matriarch, wings raised, her royal plumage on full display."

Roll your precious click clacks care-free! They won't go flying off the table, and your gaming table will thank you (yes it literally will, she's a mimic).

1 x Double-Sided (PU Leather / Velvet) Hexagonal Dice Tray
- Light & portable
- Easy to fold & unfold - snaps in 6 corners
- Easy to clean - wipe gently with a damp cloth
- Choose either the velvet surface or leather surface to roll your dice on
Contains your dice rolls & softens the clatter of dice
- Protects your dice rolling surfaces

Dimensions (approximate):
Flat: 28cm x 24cm x 0.3cm
In use: 20cm x 15.5cm x 3.8cm
Weighs 180g

Note: Due to differences in device screens, actual colours may vary slightly from what appears online. Dice pictured are not part of this item.

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