Puzzle Door Terrain Set 1pk (Plastic Miniatures) || The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms

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Modiphius Entertainment #052053 Puzzle Door Terrain Set 1pk  
Unpainted, Plastic Miniatures; 32mm Scale

The most secure Nordic tombs contain twisting tunnels and catacombs of traps, dangerous creatures and the vengeful dead. Those seeking to plunder the treasures of these ancient halls must fight their way through and overcome all manner of crushing peril and monstrous denizen of the deep, all to come face to face with the Nordic puzzle door.

These carved sentinels bar the way for any without the proof of worthiness – a precious dragon claw which is both key and solution to the door itself. No amount of magic, strength, or determination will let an adventurer pass without this vital piece of treasure, often lost to ages long past.

For those who have the key however, the puzzle door opens the way for riches and rewards undreamt of-so long as no final guardians bar the way…

Set of 1 high-quality, hard plastic miniature, including:
1x Nord Tomb Puzzle Door

Miniature may require some assembly. Supplied unpainted. Scenic bases not included.

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