Bleak Falls Barrow (Nord Tomb Arches) Terrain Set 6pk || The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms

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Modiphius Entertainment #052051 Bleak Falls Barrow Terrain Set 6pk
Unpainted, Resin Terrain; 32mm Scale

The ancient kings of Skyrim were noble warriors and sometimes villainous tyrants, famous or infamous by turns. In these turbulent days few remember the old tails, but none can forget their imposing tombs.

Proud structures on mountainous outcrops or carved deep into rocky caverns, these monuments to Skyrim’s ancestors attempt to endure the frozen winters, rampaging monsters and human wars. Like their interred lords, they crumble; stone ribcages of vaulted halls, snapping under the weight of ages past.

As the world turns and Dragons return, so too do the Draugr stir, breathing un-life into these Nordic Tombs.

Furnish your gaming table for the Call to Arms experience, and fight epic battles across the world of The Elder Scrolls!

Set of 6 high-quality, resin terrain pieces including:
2 x Multipart Nord Tomb Arches
2 x Large Broken Pillars
2 x Small Broken Pillars

Terrain may require some assembly. Supplied unpainted.

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