Stormcloak Faction Starter 5pk (Plastic Miniatures) || The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms

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Modiphius Entertainment #052031 Stormcloak Faction Starter
Unpainted, Plastic Miniatures; 32mm Scale
Estimated Release Date: Late July 2020

Take back your homeland with the Heroes of the Stormcloak Rebellion. The true sons of Skyrim are led by the terrifying Yrsarald Thrice Pierced and Ralof, who stalks the field with bow and axe. Both are supported by three hard hitting Stormcloak  Soldiers with Greatswords.

Set of 5 high-quality, hard plastic miniatures with bases, including:
1 x Yrsarald Thrice Pierced, Stormcloak Commander
1 x Ralof, Warrior of the Resistance
3 x Stormcloak Soldier with Greatswords

Miniatures may require some assembly. Supplied unpainted. Scenic bases not included.

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