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Use For: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other fantasy wargames or RPGs

#FSW01 Mountain Orc Infantry 20pk (Plastic)
Unpainted Miniatures: Assembly with glue required.
Studio Model painted by: Kevin Dallimore

Mountain orcs are the most common variety found across Toril, as well as the first to be documented historically. Numerous tribes can be found throughout most of Faerûn, often traveling along various mountain ranges, occasionally raiding more civilized settlements.

For as long as can be remembered, orcs have plagued civilizations as pillaging hordes and barbaric raiders. However, in recent times, many tribes united under the banner of Obould Many-Arrows, a chosen of Gruumsh, and carved out the Kingdom of Many-Arrows, located on the northern border of Luruar. In spite of tensions between the orcs of Many-Arrows and other nations, the kingdom seems strangely civilized, stable and, at least for now, is uninterested in expanding against its orcish or human neighbours.

Box set contains enough parts to make 20 miniatures.
The sprues include all pieces required to assemble (twice) a Command group made of a Banner Bearer, a Group Musician and a Group Leader. The detailed set consists of various arm/weapon types for customization purposes and along with the 4 different torsos, 4 different sets of legs and multiple head variations (due to the flexible combination of lower jaws, upper jaws and hairstyle types) allows the creation of unique regiments. Models supplied with twenty plastic 25mm square bases.

Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly is required with glue (use glue designed for plastic, such as Army Painter Plastic Glue).

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