Sea Dragon with Articulated Jaw || Gargantuan Mist, Sea or Blue Dragon || Mojo (Pre-Painted)

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Mojo #465925 Sea Dragon (Ancient Mist, Sea or Blue Dragon proxy) 1pk (Click here for Ancient Blue Dragon Stats)
Pre-painted, Plastic Miniature

These dragons are normally reclusive and antisocial. Found lairing along coastlines, they often find themselves coming into conflict with their metallic Bronze cousins, not to mention competition with Greens whose forested territory might come close to shore. Often shying away from direct confrontation, when forced to combat they favoured spells designed to better shroud them within their gaseous fog-like environment to either make a hasty retreat or strike with maximum advantage.

This model would make an excellent Aquatic Dragon D&D Miniature proxy, or for any other setting for that matter.

1 x plastic pre-painted miniature without base
This is a 1-count pack.
Miniature is supplied pre-painted with no assembly required.
L 25cm W 12.5cm H 13 cm

Recommended for use with at least a 4" (100mm) Round Plastic RPG Base which suits a Gargantuan sized creature in Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder systems.

NOTE: These miniatures can be used in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other tabletop games.

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