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Mantic Games #MGDS20 Green Rage 9pk (Goblins, Orcs & Troll)
Unpainted, Plastic Miniatures

The brutish Orcs get reinforcements in this set which expands your options for Dungeon Saga campaigns, whether sending your heroes against an Orc Horde or simply adding their mercenary might to another dungeon foe.

The Dungeon Saga miniatures can be used in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other tabletop roleplaying games.

This set contains 9 premium plastic models.
2 x Goblin Warriors
1 x Goblin Spitter
1 x Orc Morax
1 x Orc Greatax
1 x Orc Archer
1 x Troll
1 x Mawbeast
1 x Orcling Swarm
Each miniature is supplied with a 25mm Plastic Dungeon Themed Bases
Miniatures supplied pre-asembled & unpainted.

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