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Monster Fight Club #MFCSFR001 Verdant Forest 8pk
Pre-Painted Plastic Terrain

The Verdant Forest set contains three pre-painted plastic trees (each tree made up of a removable green canopy and a tree trunk), a tree stump, and a two-sided neoprene forest floor Template. Use alongside the Verdant Bushes.

Use the trees and stump on the template to represent an area of Woods or a Forest in your game. Or scatter the trees on your table to break line-of-sight and provide cover.

Some cool ways to use these:
- Tree trunks alone can depict a dead forest or a leafless forest during winter
- Stack multiple leaf canopies on top of each other to create a taller tree (or bush)
- Leaf canopies on the ground as bushes can hide a character or familiar underneath

Set of pre-painted plastic terrain including the following:
1 x Large Tree Trunk
2 x Medium Tree Trunks
1 x Large Tree Leaf Canopy
2 x Medium Tree Leaf Canopies
1 x Tree Stump
1 x Double-sided Neoprene Area Template: Leaf-covered forest floor / Small Pond

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