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Army Painter #ST5109 Metal / Resin Wargaming Assembly Set 3pc

The Metal/Resin Starter Set is a fantastic way to get you started assembling metal or resin miniatures. The set contains a sturdy cutter for removing flash and cut smaller bits of metal or resin, a file for preparing the parts to be glued together and a 24gr Superglue is included the box. A description of how to use the tools is on the back cover of the set and an Intro Tool Guide flyer is also included!

FREE Army Painter Assembly & Tool Guide
1 x Metal Side Cutters: for pewter (white metal) and resin minis; not suitable for steel or piano wire.
1 x Miniature & Model File: file off casting lines and prep limbs for pinning or glue.
1 x Miniature & Model Super Glue: will bond very quickly to most surfaces; combine with Super Glue Magic Activator for a faster bond.

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