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Loke BattleMats #LBM001 The Big Book of Battle Maps (58 Maps)
Modular Book of RPG Battle Mats - Single Page is A4 Size
Winner of the People’s Choice Best Accessory, UK Games Expo 2018

Attention adventurers! The Big Book of Battle Mats is the ideal set of fantasy mats to keep your party rolling through any and every roleplaying random encounter. 58 wipe clean maps will lead you through dungeons, along winding marsh tracks, past suspicious looking lairs and even into throne rooms on your quest for danger, excitement and treasure. And very possibly a little bit of a fight.

Designed to spark the imagination, as well as illustrate encounters using the handy grid format, the Big Book of Battle Mats offers endless flexibility. You can play each map page individually or use the lay flat format to play across the complimentary opposing mats as one larger two-page spread version.

1 x Fully Modular Book, measuring 11 3/4" x 8 3/4" (A4 Size)

  • Creates an A3-sized Play Space (double page spread)
  • 1" grid either as an overlay or as part of the design
  • Fully laminated & wipe-clean, appropriate for wet or dry wipe markers, and chalk pens
  • Wire-bound spine allows book to lay completely flat, or fold book in half to save table space
  • Portable maps that you can carry with your RPG books

So its over to you. Roll initiative!

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