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Modiphius Entertainment #050403 Conan RPG: Jeweled Thrones of the Earth
Hardcover Book

Jewelled Thrones of the Earth presents six complete and ready-to-play adventures for Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of. Within these pages, gamemasters will find the means to take heroes across the whole of Conan’s world.


  • Explore a lost city in the steaming jungles of the south and dare to face the Feathered Ape, as well as other menaces in Devils Among Green Stars.

  • Sail across the aeons to an island enthralled by a demon-goddess, and attempt to escape the hand of fate in The Pact of Xiabalba.

  • Seek unimaginable wealth within The Caves of the Dero, whose denizens harbour a terrifying secret.

  • Defend the frontier against an attack by Picts, spurred to war by an ancient evil known only as The Ghost of Thunder River.

  • Discover the secrets of a sinister thief-cult hidden within the heart of a city, watched over by The Thousand Eyes of Aumag-Bel.

  • Fight slavers in a desperate battle to win freedom and escape the horrors of The Red Pit.

  • Uncover a degenerate race lost to the desert and time, in The Seethers in the Sand.

  • Guidelines for linking these adventures together into complete campaigns.

  • Scattered Jewels… a dozen exciting adventure seeds to help spur further exploits.

    This hardback print book requires the Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of Corebook to use. 

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