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Hobby Brush Starter Set 3pk || Army Painter: Starter Sets


Army Painter

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Army Painter #ST5101 Hobby Brush Starter Set 3-pack 

All the Starter Sets are excellent value for your money, and this set is no exception. This is the 3 different brush types you need to paint any regular miniatures and covers the 3 basic techniques: Basecoating, detailing and drybrushing. As an added bonus the Detail and Standard brush are with the fabúlous triangular grip from the popular Wargamer range.

1 x Hobby Standard Brush: basecoating; perfect size for administering colours without drowning the mini in paint
1 x Hobby Small Detail Brush: adding tiny details to minis such as eyes, tattoos, belt buckles, etc; sharp point for making tiny black outlines between your base colours
1 x Hobby Drybrush: drybrushing; select lighter colour than basecoat, apply paint to drybrush and wipe excess paint off with a cloth/tissue - move drybrush quickly back  forth over raised areas on the mini to create drybrushing effect

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