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Dungeons & Dragons Large Potion of Healing Set (4 Vials) Chest + 4 Vials/Potions.

As common now today as a cure for warts, potions of healing were not always so common. Circa 15th century DR,
Waterdeep's own resident wood elf druid and herbalist, Fala Lefaliir (Corellon's Crown, in the North Ward,
down Trollskull Alley), was responsible for the production and wide dissemination of these elixirs, which had varying levels of effect.

Regardless of potency, though, almost all potions of this kind appear to the naked eye as a reddish liquid that,
when shaken, glistens and shimmers as it shifts within its vial.

Volothamp Geddarm, Guide to Waterdeep

This set is comprised of 4 glass vials (with cork lids) in a wooden chest kept closed by a clasp. The chest contains a custom wooden rack with additional cushioning on the inside of the lid to ensure the potions arrive safely. The vials are labelled with the healing potion stats for D&D 5e.

Wooden chest holding the 4 glass vials of dice, as described below.
1 x Potion of healing (2 x D4 dice)
1 x Greater Potion of healing (4 x D4 dice)
1 x Superior Potion of healing (8 x D4 dice)
1 x Supreme Potion of healing (10 x D4 Dice)

Dimensions (Approximate):
Length 16cm
Width 10.5cm
Height 9cm

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