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Guillotine Games #0020 Zombicide Black Plague Deadeye Walkers (Set of 21 Miniatures)
Skeletal Archers: 3 Sculpts. 7 of each Sculpt.

The zombie plague strips the infected of everything but their deepest habits, replacing everything else with the urge to kill. The necromancers are obviously trying to turn this to their advantage: playing with infection lead to the creation of deadeye walkers, grisly husks of previous bowmen and hunters. The experience rots their flesh away but allows them to keep their skill with bows.

The latest trick up the Necromancers’ sleeves is a manipulation of the zombie infection that allowed skilled archers to retain their deadly accuracy in zombie form. The Deadeye Walkers box comes with 21 Deadeye Walker miniatures in three different sculpts and 6 spawn cards to add these skeletal zombie archers to your game!


Set of 21 unpainted miniatures that may require assembly:
21 x Deadeye Walkers
6 x Spawn Cards

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