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Goodman Games #50002 D&D Original Adventures Reincarnated #2
The Isle of Dread

D&D Adventure & Campaign Setting: Player Levels 3-7

The Isle of Dread.

Continuing the excitement that began with Into the Borderland, this volume reprints the classic module X1: The Isle of Dread that originally appeared in the D&D Expert Set (1981). There was a later printing in 1983 that featured a new cover, and changed a few of the encounters on the inside—including an infamous map glitch that made part of the dungeon inaccessible. Like the first volume, Original Adventures Reincarnated #2: The Isle of Dread will reprint BOTH of those versions of the original module.


  • Art by Erol Otus as the illustrated frontispiece
  • Foreword by Zeb Cook discussing how he designed a classic adventure, without meaning to do so
  • Retrospective by Paul Reiche III, developer of Isle of Dread, the creator of the deranged ankylosaur
  • Article by Lawrence Schick recounting the origin of the Known World campaign setting as first introduced in X1: The Isle of Dread
  • Retrospective by Michael Curtis on reading X1 from the back of a mini-van as a youth
  • Retrospective by Harley Stroh about riding battle-tigers on the Isle of Dread as a sixth-grader
  • Interview with Zeb Cook, co-author of Isle of Dread
  • Full scans of the original publication, both the first and second printings
  • 5E conversion with plenty of new content

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