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Army Painter #GM1001 Gamemaster: Dungeons & Caverns Core Set (Terrain Building)
Endless hours of adventure await you!

The Gamemaster: Dungeons & Caverns Core Set allows you to create any setting for your roleplaying party. Absolutely everything you need to build any subterranean setting - for any RPG system or skirmish miniature game!

Create overwhelming cave systems or the unique Lair of the Silver Dragon or the Frozen Cave of the Owlbear - anything is possible!

The scenery XPS foam board will also allow you to make doorways, cave entrances, stairs, bridges, slime pits and many more features. The soft surface of the board allows you to draw any texture or image, enhancing your gaming experience and blowing the minds of your fellow dungeoneers.

DIY at home or with your party - once you cut and create your first magic portal, you'll never look back!

7 x Acrylic Paints 18ml
- Brink Black
- Dungeon Highlights
- Subterrain Wash
- Grotto Slime
- Dungeon Effects
- Cavern Highlights
- Cavern Effects

1 x Dungeon Base 50ml
1 x Cavern Base 50ml

1 x Dungeon & Subterrain Terrain Primer 500ml (Black Primer)
- High quality water based primer with a matt finish
- Will not corrode XPS foam, polystyrene or MDF sheets

1 x Large Drybrush
1 x Medium Drybrush
1 x Wash Brush

1 x Hot Wire Foam Cutter
- Hold activation button to quickly heat wire to 300°
- Move slow for precise cuts – and protect wire
- Max cut size: 4cm ×12 cm (1.5" x 4.7")
- Takes 2 x C-batteries (Not Included)
- Includes 4 replacement wires

1 x XPS Foam Sculpting Glue 75ml
1 x Scenery Sand 150ml
77 x Dungeon Tufts
1 x Scenery Knife
1 x 'How to build Dungeons & Caverns' Guide

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