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Magic Super Glue Activator 20ml - Alcohol (Pump) 1pc - Instantly hardens super glue || Army Painter: Model Glue


Army Painter

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Army Painter #GL2006 Magic Super Glue Activator - Alcohol (Pump) 1pc
Use with: Army Painter Super Glue

The Magic Super Glue Activator will instantly bond model and miniature pieces - glued with Super Glue. The Magic Activator will create an instant airtight bubble around the Super Glue which in turn will harden in seconds. It is a pump action spray so simply apply Super Glue to the components, press them firmly together and spray over the joint with the Magic Activator – instant bond. The amount of time saved by gluing miniatures this way will give you many more hours at the gaming table – truly magical!

1 x Magic Super Glue Activator 20ml
- Non-Toxic contents
- Easy to use spray nozzle
- Glass bottle

WARNING: once you have tried this product you will never go back to conventional gluing.

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