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Miniature & Model Super Glue 20ml 1pc || Army Painter: Model Glue


Army Painter

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Army Painter #GL2004 Miniature & Model Super Glue 20ml 1pc
For quick drying, we have the Magic Super Glue Activator in stock!

The best value Super Glue on the market today!

Everybody needs tough superglue for their metal miniatures. This quality Super Glue is manufactured in Europe and is exceptionally strong. Apply only a tiny amount to one of the parts you want to glue together and press them gently together until they bind. This provides you with 20ml of Super Glue - at incredible value. The pot has a precision top allowing you to use just the right amount of super glue for the job. This gives you minimum waste and maximum value! 

1 x Miniature & Model Super Glue 20ml
- Precision nozzle: apply tiny drops exactly where you need them
- Drip Reservoir: picks up excess glue
- Runoff Protection: excess glue runs down the side, not onto your mini!

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