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Forest Guardian - Female Barbarian (Firbolg) 1pk || krakenships Miniatures

krakenships Miniatures

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krakenships Miniatures: Forest Guardian - Female Barbarian (Firbolg) 1pk
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Studio Model painted by Thom, Crafters Forge

"I am oft mistaken for a small giant, perhaps an over-sized elf...
or daughter to a brutish minotaur. Of these I am not.
I call the elves my distant kin although my people appear to be giant-kin, larger, stronger from living in the most inhospitable of places.
I am of the Phoradin, a daughter of the Forest.
A Forest Guardian."

1 x Unpainted PVC Miniature, 28mm Scale
Miniature is pre-based (1" base), may require some minor straightening, and is unpainted. Pictures of the painted miniatures are for inspiration and are only examples.

Note: Item does not include dice.
Miniature is pictured next to a D20 for size reference.

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