Frostgrave Cultists 20pk || Unpainted Plastic Miniatures

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Use For: Rangers of Shadow Deep, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other fantasy wargames or RPGs.

NSMF #FGVP02 Frostgrave Cultists 20pk (Plastic)
Unpainted Miniatures: Assembly with glue required.
Click here for a review showing painted examples of these Cultists

Death cultists are mortal men and women who have sworn their service to an undead master, usually in the hope of achieving some form of immortality. They normally come from the lowest rung of society and have few useful skills and little combat training. What they lack in ability, however, they make up for in fanaticism and fearlessness in the face of death. When sent out by their masters, death cultists generally conceal their identities behind masks and hoods, but proclaim their allegiances by adorning themselves with bones, chains and other symbols of death.

Box set contains enough parts to make 20 miniatures.
Multiple heads, arms, weapons & accoutrements per frame, to customise & create your own unique cultist minis.
BONUS! Includes heads & arms to convert your Cultists into the undead: skeletons and zombies.

Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly is required with glue (use glue designed for plastic, such as Army Painter Plastic Glue).

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