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D&D Starter Set: Stranger Things (Includes Dice & Demogorgon Minis!) || Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition: Books


Wizards of the Coast

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Wizards of the Coast #E3702 D&D Starter Set: Stranger Things (Includes Dice & Demogorgon Minis!) 
Set of Booklets + 6 Dice (Ideal for a group of 4 – 6)

Embark on an exciting Dungeon & Dragons adventure, Hunt For The Thessalhydra, 'created' by the character Mike from the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things.

Whether players are new to D&D, or looking for a new adventure, this Stranger Things themed roleplaying game includes everything a group needs to play.
Note: Ideal for a group of 4-6 players

Stranger Things Adventure Book
D&D Rulebook
5 x Stranger Things  Character Sheets
6 x RPG Dice
2 x Demogorgon Plastic Miniatures (1 Pre-Painted; 1 Unpainted)

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