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Dice Hub #SP01 Coup De Grâce - Standard 7-Die Set
Polymer Dice

Isiah honed in on his mark with a poison-laced arrow. "This was the right time", he thought. "The target is all alone on the balcony. Surely, he wouldn't be missed for the next few minutes." A few moments passed, one more exhaled breath, and the arrow flew silently from Whisper, burying itself in the chest of the target. The man reeled at the arrow's impact, a short faint grunting cry escaping his lips as he briefly clawed at the area of impact before slumping below Isiah's field of vision. "Time to ensure the job is done", Isiah thought to himself as he slung his bow over his shoulder and began silently hopping across the Vallakian rooftops to go confirm the kill. The mark was unmoving as Isiah leapt silently from the darkness and onto the dimly lit balcony, "Well, the poison did it's work", he thought as he slowly drew his dagger to complete and confirm a job well done. Something felt wrong, though, this was too easy. Rolling over the paralyzed body, he swore in exasperation at the sudden realization - this wasn't the Baron of Vallaki! With cold rage icing over his whole body, he delivered a Coup De Grâce to the impostor, accidentally nicking an artery as he did so.
Blood briefly sprayed inconveniently out of the otherwise clean cut and then quickly subsided. Leaping from the balcony and into the night, Isiah resolved to himself, "If they want to dress up patsies to protect him in order to thwart my efforts, they were more than welcome to. I'll kill them all. This is war."

Suitable for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other tabletop roleplaying games.

7 x 16mm RPG Dice, consisting of 1 of each of the following:
D4, D6, D8, D10, D00, D12, D20.
Dice colour(s): Opaque White; Red Splatter.
Numbers' Ink colour(s): Black.

Please check the images of these dice in a low-light setting (red dice tray in the background; on top of PHB) as other images are taken under studio lighting.

Due to differences in device screens, actual colours may vary slightly from what appears online. If items other than those specified in this listing are pictured, note that they are not part of this listing. 

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