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Chessex #23065 MINI Transparent Teal w/ White Numbering 7-Die Set
Full 7-die RPG Set

Light on table space? Want dice that make less noise when you toss them in your dice tower? Want a set of dice that'll fit easily in your pocket and have awesome "Squeevalue" to boot? Then these Mini-Polyhedrals are the dice for you!


7-Die Set  in a plastic clamshell
Includes one of each D4, D6, D8, D10 0-10, D10 00-90, D12, D20.
Note: 10mm size

The Chessex Standard™: At Chessex we are striving to bring uniformity of size, number marking and shape amongst dice. Our goal is to give you the customer the confidence of knowing that any Chessex die you purchase will always be of the same high quality. The Chessex Standard™ is already applicable to the following lines of our dice. Speckled™, Opaque, Translucent, Vortex™, and Frosted™.

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